Improve Productivity & Efficiency in 2023 with WeThrive

Thurs 8th December 2022 at 10:00 | GMT

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As we head into 2023 many businesses ask, “how can we get more done with less?” With the macro environment putting massive pressure on UK businesses it’s time to look internally for quick wins that can unlock extra drivers of productivity.

By now, we all know that higher engagement creates better business results, less churn and more profit. On average WeThrive clients achieve a 14% increase in engagement after their first survey.

Understanding how aligned people are to your organisation’s vision and values, how well your teams are collaborating, and where your managers are engaging their teams (and where they are not) is crucial for driving engagement. And when you have the data, all of these areas can be quickly addressed.


In this webinar, WeThrive co-founder Andrew Heath will share how customers are using WeThrive to identify and plug these gaps to get the results they need.

  • The psychology of engagement
  • The WeThrive approach to listening to your people
  • Using segmentation and heatmaps to spot opportunities and quick wins
  • Sharing the work – empowering managers to drive the changes
  • What can you achieve? Customer case studies

This webinar is perfect for organisations that want to evolve their strategy and build more productive, efficient teams in the new year.