Andy Holmes: Why you need a Personal, Preventative Approach to Wellbeing & Mental Health

Thurs 19th January 2023 at 10:00 | GMT

Too many organisations focus on dealing with the symptoms of poor mental health and wellbeing at work instead of focusing on the cause, leaving many HR leaders unable to give their people what they need to feel psychologically safe. This webinar is perfect for HR and people team leaders who want to learn how to identify and get ahead of their people’s mental health and wellbeing issues in 2023.

International Speaker and Former Global Head of Wellbeing, Andy Holmes will explore why HR needs to stop looking in the rearview mirror, and start taking a personal and preventative approach to mental health and wellbeing. He’ll discuss how successful HR leaders have evolved their strategy by tailoring wellbeing initiatives to our individual needs, rather than a sweeping one-size-fits-all approach.


Join Andy Holmes on 19th January at 10:00 to learn how to put psychological safety into practice and create happier, more engaged teams.

Learning outcomes:

  • What’s causing stress, burnout and anxiety in 2023?
  • Why meeting individual needs is critical
  • An off-the-shelf approach for your organisation
  • Q+A with Andy Holmes

Meet the Speaker

Andy Holmes is an international speaker, certified high-performance coach, global wellbeing advisory board member & former global head of wellbeing, leadership & capability at Reckitt.

He takes a strategic approach to human capacity, working with an extensive network of specialists to restructure personal and organisational approaches to wellbeing, leadership and performance.

He brings together the science of holistic wellbeing, along with cognition and leadership development, to enable cultural change, unlock DEI, collaboration and innovation, to drive personal growth and business performance.