Employee Retention

Retaining top talent and reducing turnover is a huge challenge for many employers. Check out our selection of resources to discover what you can do to keep your people.


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  • The missing link for motivation at work

    As an¬†HR manager, how would you like the world to be different? We ask this because at WeThrive we help companies understand what their staff need in order to work…

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  • How to build an effective team

    There is no mystery about how to build an effective team: it happens automatically. Give a group of eight-year-olds a ball and they will improvise a game in no time,…

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  • Making work fun

    I just received an email asking “Could Ping Pong, ice cream or space hoppers help you to improve key HR issues such as productivity, wellbeing, engagement and absence management?” The…

    Employee engagement strategies need rethink
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  • Employee Engagement strategies need rethink – Oracle

    Oracle Simply Talent has been looking at the way¬†employee engagement is¬†treated in business, and concludes that HR teams are uniquely qualified to make it work, but at the moment they…

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  • Everything you need to know about staff retention and engagement on one page – LIVE!

    Measuring engagement and staff retention is difficult – even if you do an engagement survey, most of the time you are working with anonymous data that is several months old¬†–…

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  • How to fall in love with the Annual Performance Review

    Hands up who loves the Annual Review? ¬†Anyone? ¬†Well, most of the many people we speak to find them uncomfortable, embarrassing affairs, that even break a few hearts. ¬†And it’s…

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  • Stress is the key to absence management

    The CIPD‘s annual survey on absence management paints a fairly grim picture. Stress-related absence is up on last year in most sectors, especially in the public services, and only a…

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  • Using WeThrive to boost employee engagement

    There are plenty of tools out there to boost employee engagement, and they all produce impressive-looking reports. So far so good, but the hard part for managers who have¬†to do…

    Employee retention
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  • Seven key signs your employees are not engaged

    In four words: Disengagement costs you money It’s odd that a thing as nebulous as poor engagement costs money, but it does¬†– according to Forbes report on the cost of…

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  • Four steps to the best employee retention strategy

    So you¬†already tried free yoga sessions, a pool table in the kitchen, discount health club, pilates in the lunchbreak and wacky colour schemes in the relaxation zone, and you’re still…

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  • Repositioning Employee Engagement

    Live discussion from Employee Engagement experts – 7th September @ 5.30pm Does your organisation have 100% fully committed and engaged workforce? Could your employee‚Äôs motivation and engagement perhaps be better?¬†…

    Healthy workplaces make for happy and effective employees
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  • Healthy workplaces make for happy and effective employees

    It’s official – the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), the UK body that looks after public health, says that if you look after the wellbeing of employees…


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  • Thurs, 2nd Dec 2021 at 14:00 – 14:40 PM GMT

    5 Steps to Prepare for the Looming Retention Crisis

    Retaining top talent has been a significant challenge in financial services during the last decade, with trust, engagement and happiness on the decline.

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  • Retain more staff in 2020 & beyond: Why your people leave, and what you can do about it

    The average employee costs an SME £12,000 to replace, so what can your business do to ensure you retain key staff who are critical to business success in 2020 and beyond?

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  • Becoming the employer of choice to attract top talent and retain the best employees

    Business psychologist Piers Bishop of WeThrive and Strategy Director Belinda Gannaway of Fathom XP, will discuss what employers can do to become the employer of choice as well as strategies and insight on how to make it happen.

    White Papers

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  • Employee Experience
  • Accounting for people

    This Whitepaper analyses the problems faced by the Accounting industry and how you can help your staff enjoy their work so they want to stay.

  • Employee Retention
  • Why your people leave, and what you can do about it

    The average employee costs an SME £12,000 to replace. What can you do to ensure you retain key staff who are critical to business success in 2020 and beyond?

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  • Employer of choice

    It is more crucial than ever before for businesses to attract top talent and retain their best employees. What can you do to become the employer of choice?


    employee engagement barriers
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  • Dismantling Employee Engagement Barriers During Covid-19 and Beyond

    Employee engagement barriers should be concerning for all employers. Anything that hinders your people from doing their job effectively will have ultimately have negative consequences. During Covid, we’ve seen many…

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  • Personal and Professional Development Guide

    The way we work has been shaken up for good and personal and professional development is on the rise. Covid-19 has forced people to develop new skills, or risk being…