Give your managers the tools to engage their teams

Andrew Heath · July 13, 2022

Managers hold the keys to high levels of engagement, retention and productivity – and research shows that managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement across business units. However most line managers are either too busy with the day job, don’t have all the necessary skills, or simply don’t know where to start with managing their people. That’s why our employee engagement dashboard for managers is a vital tool to help understand why people underperform, are frequently absent or even leave – and what your managers can do about it.

They say that people leave managers not companies. This is a real shame – but at WeThrive we are dedicated to doing something about it. In the SME world it is not usually practical, affordable or even that effective to send all your busy managers away on residential leadership courses. Even if you are lucky enough to have HR support in your business they’re often far too busy and unable to be in every team helping the managers. So what’s the answer?

A live report of how each manager’s team really feels

WeThrive’s dashboard pulls everything a manager needs onto one screen. It shows them:

  • How participation in the survey in their team compared with the rest of the organisation – this in itself is a measure of engagement.
  • The engagement score for their area compared to everyone else – this helps them answer the “How am I doing?” question.
  • How many actions they have created as a result of the survey results – because the number one goal is to get managers to do something useful post-survey
  • The number of actions completed – a gentle reminder to roll up the shirt sleeves and get the actions done that they committed to.

And that’s just for starters….

A clear picture of the priorities to maximise engagement

Traditional employee surveys were, frankly, a bit of a blunt instrument. An average score for a department, or even a single team, may tell you something about the top-level priorities for that group, but it says almost nothing about how each individual employee feels.

However, WeThrive allows you to choose between anonymous and non-anonymous surveys, where you can drill down to get much richer, more localised data on employee sentiment and a much clearer view of the actions to take to help employees perform at their best.

All of this comes from the personal perspective of the employee, so while others are worrying about the varying needs of Gen Z versus Millennials in general, WeThrive users can see crystal-clear data on any grouping they think could be significant. Then they can create action plans to suit those employees’ particular needs in the actual context they are working in. But that’s just the start.

Clear, specific and easy to follow coaching recommendations

It’s said that knowledge is power – but in fact knowledge only becomes powerful when it is harnessed to produce action – and that is the next step in WeThrive.

Data by itself is just data. But data on what employees are finding unsatisfactory, frustrating or difficult about their work can be used directly to produce action plans and recommendations that work directly to improve the difficulties that have been unearthed.

That’s what WeThrive’s employee engagement dashboard for managers does next – automatically producing an action plan for each segment, so that the manager who would otherwise be too busy or lacking the necessary knowledge or skills can focus directly on the actions needed to bring about useful change. All without leaving the dashboard.

And the learning resources they need to succeed

Now each manager has a clear action plan to address the needs of the team – what if they aren’t sure how to go about the suggested actions, or needs some extra learning resources to bring the plans to life?

Alongside their action plans, managers can also access curated learning content and interactive eLearning courses related to their recommendations. Managers can share out links to useful articles, videos, workshop ideas etc, with their team.

It’s all in the employee engagement dashboard for managers – with minimal hassle for your HR or people team

We’re in a new world now. Before Covid-19 and the cost of living crisis many companies held lavish seasonal celebrations, but health and safety, austerity and changing attitudes have largely banished that routine to history.

Instead, an increasing focus on engagement and mental health and wellbeing in the workplace has contributed to a new way of coming together over the last few years. Multiple studies have shown that business performance improves dramatically when organisations get this right. Outperforming the competition – or in some cases even surviving as an organisation – absolutely depends now on listening to what a multigenerational workforce wants and needs.

Find out what your staff need

HR has always known that employee engagement is vital for a functioning business. But the last few years have made it clear exactly how and why it connects with every aspect of productivity, and why most businesses are putting real thought and effort into creating an employee engagement strategy.

Why not find out what is important to your staff with an employee engagement survey by WeThrive?