Employer of choice

Becoming the employer of choice to attract top talent and retain the best employees

In today’s modern world, ratings have become ubiquitous in how people make life decisions, from holiday reviews on TripAdvisor to choosing our food on Deliveroo and even rating our taxi trips on Uber. We want to know what our peers think.

This phenomenon of checking for ratings before making decisions is rapidly evolving in the working world too, with more people than ever scoping out prospective employers on sites such as Glassdoor and indeed.com.

According to a recent study from the CIPD, 75% of organisations have experienced recruitment difficulties in the last year. At a cost of £11,000 to replace the average employee, and, in an increasingly competitive and turbulent marketplace, it is crucial for businesses to attract top talent but also to retain their best employees.

What can your business do to become the employer of choice? Download this whitepaper and find out!
The contents of this whitepaper include:

  • The characteristics that employers of choice have in common
  • How to implement an effective employer of choice strategy
  • Seven steps to increasing employee engagement
  • Businesses who are staking their claim as the employer of choice