Performance Management | Coming January ’23 – Get Early Access & Great Content

Performance management is a crucial tool for any organisation that wants to maximise efficiency and productivity. Ensuring that appraisals and 1-2-1s happen is not enough to create a high-performance culture. To deliver quality outcomes your managers and employees need to have quality conversations. That’s where WeThrive Perform adds massive value.

To build on the impressive results our clients achieve with our Listen and Develop tools, WeThrive is launching the ‘Perform’ platform. This enables you to deploy your performance management process in a few clicks, collecting pre-review feedback into an easy-to-digest format for managers ahead of their 1-2-1s.

WeThrive Success Model

What problem does Perform fix?

The majority of performance reviews do not deliver the value or quality outcomes that the business needs. Often this is a result of poor preparation prior to the meeting by both managers and employees, due to a lack of time or access to the right data. WeThrive Perform makes this a seamless process that maximises the quality and outcomes of conversations.

Performance, listening & development in one place

If you currently use Word, Excel or DIY surveys to capture this information, you can save hours of time and ensure as many people as possible have those all-important conversations, using WeThrive Perform.

After the initial launch in January, we will add our unique ‘Intelligent Agenda’ to Perform. This will transform the value you and your employees get from appraisals, check-ins and 1-2-1s.

How does it work?

HR or managers can trigger a review process using our recommended review template questions or your own custom questions which employees can complete using any device.

Our Intelligent Agendas will enable managers and employees to schedule a meeting, co-create an agenda and agree on the key discussion points.

When finalised, the agenda is shared with both parties. During the meeting all notes, goals and actions will be saved – locking in what has been said and agreed. This provides an auditable trail of what was discussed, agreed and the outcomes. No more hunting around for review documents and next steps.

 Packed with Powerful Features

  • Performance reviews initiation
  • Meeting requests for 1-1 sessions and 1-many for larger teams
  • 360 degree feedback loop
  • Intelligent agenda creation
  • Read only review history and audit trail
  • Goal setting