Performance Management


How OKRs can Transform your Performance Management Process

Traditional performance management processes often fall short of driving meaningful results. In fact, CEB research found that only 14% of organisations are actually happy with their performance accountability system. Today,…

The Challenges of Performance Management: Unveiling the Long-Term Impact

Performance management is a critical aspect of organisational success, aiming to align individual and team goals with overall objectives while fostering growth, accountability, and employee development. However, many companies face…


Wednesday 22nd March at 10AM | GMT

Lucy Adams: A Fresh Approach to Performance Management

In this webinar, Lucy Adams from Disruptive HR will explore why traditional approaches do not work and give examples of new ways of working that deliver much better outcomes for everyone.

White Papers

How to Ace Performance Management: Your 7-Step Guide

Download the white paper to learn how to develop a game-changing performance management strategy.


Dave Ulrich: Achieving Optimal Performance

The ultimate guide to better performance management with OKRs and quality conversations.

Performance Management Guide

During a time when organisations are facing economic challenges and having to re-prioritise their budgets, how can HR ensure they continue to get the most out of their people? High-quality…