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  • Employee Experience
  • Thurs, 26th May 2022 at 10 – 10:40 AM | BST

    A Debrief and Q&A on The Future of Banking

    Personalised experiences has become an expectation for many customers, especially in banking and financial services. However, the impact of Covid-19, the global financial crisis and the Great Resignation has made this an increasingly important priority for employees as well.

    mental health wellbeing and risk
  • Financial Services
  • Thurs, 18th Nov 2021 14:00 – 14:40 PM GMT

    Mental Health, Wellbeing and its Impact on Risk

    While the practical challenges of adapting to remote working were taken in stride, stress, burnout and anxiety have deeply impacted employees in financial services.

  • Financial Services
  • Thurs, 4th Nov, 2021 14:00 – 15:00 PM GMT

    Drive Results by Strengthening People Management Capabilities

    Senior management in financial services carry significant responsibilities and higher levels of personal accountability since the introduction of SM&CR regulations in 2016.

  • Financial Services
  • Weds, 22nd Sept 2021 at 14:00 – 14:40 PM GMT

    5 Ways to Create a Culture of Trust, Respect & Empowerment

    Nobody has a blueprint for hybrid working success. But internationally recognised CPO David Blackburn is pretty close, and cultivating a culture of trust, respect and empowerment is key.

    White Papers

  • Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work
  • Financial Services: Safeguarding Mental Health & Wellbeing

    A happy and engaged workforce will almost certainly be more productive, innovative, and less prone to absenteeism. Yet in the past, far too many businesses, notably in the financial services sector, have neglected the wellbeing of their employees.

  • Employee Experience
  • Financial Services: How a Positive Employee Experience can Reduce Risk

    Financial services firms are suffering from an acute skills shortage, heightening the pressure on those currently working in the sector, who are left to cope with daunting workloads.

  • Financial Services
  • Financial Services: Leading the Hybrid Revolution

    Learn how other leaders in financial services have developed successful hybrid working strategies. Not so long ago, the idea of remote working in the financial services sector would have been…

  • Employee Experience
  • Optimising employee experience in financial services

    Find out how to reduce the stress on staff brought about by working in a regulated environment.