Managers, employees and even top-level executives often need training to up-skill, break down barriers and become better employees. Discover our top training tips for all levels of the organisation in this content hub.


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  • CEO Concerns
  • Train your managers outside of the classroom

    Back in the days before COVID, manager away days could be hugely effective, bringing out new skills, breaking down barriers and building a team ethos. But sadly these are no…

  • Coaching
  • Listen and act: seven tips for becoming a good manager

    We recently learnt that one third of managers don’t follow up on action items from performance check-ins; thirty-three percent of managers to be exact, according to Appraisd. The problem is that…

  • Coaching
  • Why managers should spend more time with their staff

    It may be an old adage that employees leave managers not organisations, but the reason it sticks around is because there is truth in it. New research published by UK…

  • Employee Engagement Blogs
  • Five steps to developing a learning culture at work

    A learning culture in the workplace is now more important than ever. Why? Technology and jobs are changing at such a rapid pace, effective learning is essential for business success.…

  • Coaching
  • Why is a learning culture important?

    A learning culture is important in business and is increasingly acknowledged as essential for innovation and success. Embracing effective learning isn’t only good for business per se, it’s a key…

  • Coaching
  • Improve line manager leadership skills

      Want to regain your focus and build a highly effective team? Keen to retain key staff for longer and deliver better results? People leave managers, not companies. It’s a…

  • Coaching
  • 5 ways to create a coaching culture at work

    Creating a coaching culture at work has several benefits for you and your employees. Staff are given development opportunities and therefore likely to feel more valued and motivated. In turn,…

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  • Employee Engagement
  • 8 steps to running a successful employee engagement survey

    The first step to finding out how your employees are feeling (and what you can do to improve engagement) is to run a survey. However, despite the rising trend towards…


  • Employee Experience
  • Personal and Professional Development Guide

    The way we work has been shaken up for good and personal and professional development is on the rise. Covid-19 has forced people to develop new skills, or risk being…