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  • Should an employee engagement survey be anonymous?

    It’s often said that your employee engagement surveys should be anonymous because otherwise people will not be able to speak freely. At WeThrive we know that the opposite is in…

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  • Repositioning Employee Engagement with

    Now if you’ve got a few minutes, this broadcast is well worth a listen.  Founders of WeThrive, Andrew and Piers, and WeThrive client, Janine Osmond from Salisbury NHS Trust are…

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  • Insights Discovery and WeThrive – what’s the difference?

    Interesting question from the head of the Learning Academy in a very big multinational company: what’s the difference between WeThrive and the Insights Discovery system? On the face of it there ought…

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  • Try our free performance review template – in the downloads centre with other valuable people-management resources!

    Life, eh?  You make it through Massive Monday and you’re still manager of xyz widgets, and just when you’d like a bit of a rest here comes the performance review…

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  • Leadership skills beat Massive Monday

    So you made it through Massive Monday – the day when more people consider a job change or a relationship split than any other day of the year.  Searching for…

    Will your performance review software see trouble coming?
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  • Too much of a good thing? Will your performance review software find it?

    Can you have too much of a good thing?  That’s the question being asked in the employee engagement group on LinkedIn just now.  It’s an intriguing question, because employee engagement…

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  • How WeThrive prevents performance appraisal process mistakes

    Number 2 in Eric Jackson’s top ten list of performance appraisal process mistakes on Forbes is: everything’s perfect – until it’s not and you’re fired.  The unfortunate employee carries on doing…

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  • Team leadership and employee engagement

    What is team leadership and how do leaders nurture employee engagement? For leadership to work, the leader has to be someone the others will follow. So how do you become…

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  • Negative feedback and Employee Engagement

    When is it right to give negative feedback, if you want to preserve employee engagement?  Here’s a humdinger of a problem – you want your people to learn from their…

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  • What is the current state of employee engagement

    I hate the way the word ‘around’ is used, even in official documents, when basic work has not been done. “We’re doing some work ‘around’ x at the moment” often…

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  • What is staff engagement and why is it such a mystery?

    Browse the web for ideas on ‘staff engagement’ or ‘how to motivate a team’ and you’ll come across a lot of phrases like ‘discretionary effort’ – the extra enthusiasm and…