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  • Listen and act: seven tips for becoming a good manager

    Listen and act A further survey from OnePoll found that the general failure of managers to follow up concerned employees; 26% of respondents said their managers could improve the situation by following…

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  • Why managers should spend more time with their staff

    It may be an old adage that employees leave managers not organisations, but the reason it sticks around is because there is truth in it. New research published by UK…

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  • Why is a learning culture important?

    A learning culture is important in business and is increasingly acknowledged as essential for innovation and success. Embracing effective learning isn’t only good for business per se, it’s a key…

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  • Improve line manager leadership skills

      Want to regain your focus and build a highly effective team? Keen to retain key staff for longer and deliver better results? People leave managers, not companies. It’s a…

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  • 5 ways to create a coaching culture at work

    Creating a coaching culture at work has several benefits for you and your employees. Staff are given development opportunities and therefore likely to feel more valued and motivated. In turn,…