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  • Try our free performance review template – in the downloads centre with other valuable people-management resources!

    Life, eh?  You make it through Massive Monday and you’re still manager of xyz widgets, and just when you’d like a bit of a rest here comes the performance review…

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  • Leadership skills beat Massive Monday

    So you made it through Massive Monday – the day when more people consider a job change or a relationship split than any other day of the year.  Searching for…

    2013 Performance Review Survey
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  • 2013 Annual Performance Review Survey

    It’s that time of year again when 100,000s  of hr directors, managers and staff get ready to start their annual appraisal process… We decided it would be a cool idea…

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  • How WeThrive prevents performance review mistakes – 4

    Fourth in the list of big performance review mistakes, according to Eric Jackson on, is lack of preparation – doing appraisal meetings “on the fly.”  Eric says he “knew…

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  • How WeThrive prevents performance review mistakes

    There’s a great post by Eric Jackson on Forbes about why performance reviews cause aggravation, suggesting “ten ways you can ensure your next performance with your reports will be a…

    Performance review software - how to get the best results
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  • How to get the full benefits of your HR or Performance Review Software

    Before we start, we are not an HR software or performance review software. OK so what are you? In a nutshell WeThrive sets goals using behavioural psychology to unlock the…

    Performance review failures - Top 10 Reasons
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  • Performance Review Failures Top 10 – FORBES

    Great post from Forbes on the 10 reasons a performance review can fail here are the first few paragraphs… well worth a read; “In the world of organizational life, there’s no…

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  • Improving the annual reviews or appraisals

    If you groan inwardly at the thought of an appraisal, please think again – this is the biggest chance most people get in the year to influence the course of…

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  • Throw out the annual review and improve employee engagement

    One thing that stands out from our discussions with employees is the near-universal dread of the annual performance review.  And many managers hate it as well.  ‘The annual rigmarole of…