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  • How to fall in love with the Annual Performance Review

    Hands up who loves the Annual Review?  Anyone?  Well, most of the many people we speak to find them uncomfortable, embarrassing affairs, that even break a few hearts.  And it’s…

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  • Stress is the key to absence management

    The CIPD‘s annual survey on absence management paints a fairly grim picture. Stress-related absence is up on last year in most sectors, especially in the public services, and only a…

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  • Wellbeing in the workplace: making space to really care for your people

    Wellbeing in the workplace is talked about so much in the press you would be forgiven for thinking we are making real progress in that area. Unfortunately, while awareness is…

    Developing effective employee engagement strategies for business success
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  • Leading business success through listening

    The CIPD annual conference in November is looking to be a successful event.  The topic of employee engagement is coming up again as it will probably every year because it…

    Adapted from 'The Best Universities in the US' by T Farrant, GDS Infographics. Flickr CC Licence
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  • Using WeThrive to boost employee engagement

    There are plenty of tools out there to boost employee engagement, and they all produce impressive-looking reports. So far so good, but the hard part for managers who have to do…

    Employee retention
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  • Seven key signs your employees are not engaged

    In four words: Disengagement costs you money It’s odd that a thing as nebulous as poor engagement costs money, but it does – according to Forbes report on the cost of…

    Dumping the performance review
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  • Big business is dumping the performance review. You next?

    According to the Washington Post, the annual performance review is finally on its way. A number of big companies have already said they’re taking the plunge, Accenture, Gap and Adobe…

    Healthy workplaces make for happy and effective employees
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  • Healthy workplaces make for happy and effective employees

    It’s official – the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), the UK body that looks after public health, says that if you look after the wellbeing of employees…

    One thing every manager can do that always improves staff performance
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  • One thing every manager can do that always improves staff performance

    It’s Monday morning and I have a weekly management meeting with my director…. Last week was not a good week – we missed our numbers again ;-( As expected got…

    Prêt a manger finds a happy team means great results. Image by Justin Goring, Flickr CC
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  • A happy team makes for tasty results

    If you were listening to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning you may have heard the chief executive of Pret a Manger sounding very happy about the…

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  • Insights Discovery and WeThrive – what’s the difference?

    Interesting question from the head of the Learning Academy in a very big multinational company: what’s the difference between WeThrive and the Insights Discovery system? On the face of it there ought…

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  • Want motivated employees? Develop your leadership skills…

    It’s a confusing world: employee engagement is linked to management candour, motivation is linked to engagement, remuneration was linked to motivation for several centuries but then it turns out not…