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  • How to Design a Stress Risk Assessment Action Plan

    Could a stress risk assessment action plan be the thing your organisation needs this stress awareness month? This year’s theme is about regaining connectivity, certainty and control. Research shows that…

    wellbeing and productivity
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  • Why employee wellbeing and productivity are inherently linked

    Nearly all business leaders look for ways to improve productivity and workplace performance. But targets, KPIs and slicker tech, while important, aren’t necessarily the answer. It is often employee wellbeing…

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  • Why flexibility in the workplace matters

    The coronavirus pandemic forced organisations across the world to embrace remote working and propelled them into a new wave of flexibility in the workplace. Businesses had to adapt very quickly…

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  • Why managers should spend more time with their staff

    It may be an old adage that employees leave managers not organisations, but the reason it sticks around is because there is truth in it. New research published by UK…

    Basketball to improve staff wellbeing
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  • Five ideas to encourage better employee physical health

    The correlation between improved mental health and wellbeing, and employee physical health through exercise is indisputable. According to The Mental Health Foundation physical activity has a huge potential to enhance…

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  • The rise of the millennial: Is your business engaging with this growing workforce?

    This blog was written and contributed to WeThrive by Becky Hesilrige. Millennials, baby boomers, gen X and gen Z. According to the media, we are in the midst of generational…

    How surveys help office culture
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  • How a survey can help with company culture

    Your company culture is a set of unspoken yet collective aspirations that define business growth. When done right, it can increase productivity and performance, amongst other things. A toxic work…

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  • A human side to enterprise – at last

    Almost sixty years ago Douglas McGregor published what should have been a ground-breaking book called The Human Side of Enterprise. It contains pretty well everything you need to know about…

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  • Exclusive interview: If you don’t do it, you’re going to get left behind – my business and our four day week

    Last week I caught up with David Stone, Chief Exec of recruitment company, MRL Consulting Group. MRL have been operating since 1997 with their head office in Brighton and additional…

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  • What does bringing your whole self to work actually mean, and why does it matter?

    Is holding back vulnerability a good thing in the workplace or not? Some business leaders implore employees to hang up any personal problems at the door when they come to…

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  • What can you do to avoid employee burn out?

    What is employee burn out?  Have you been faced with a deadline so important that it simply must be done, but find yourself sitting at your desk in the afternoon…

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  • Signs your employees are unhappy at work

    Most employees take pride in what they do and respond positively to supportive leadership. But toxic work environments filled with unhappy employees don’t happen overnight. Dissatisfaction in the workplace is…