Konditor see increase of 12% in meaning and sense of purpose for employees since using WeThrive


Konditor is one of London’s most renowned cake shops. We bake delicious homemade cakes on a daily basis, customers can buy from their London shops or order online for in-store collection or delivery.

Konditor key vision is to spread joy through cake but they are also dedicated to ensuring employees feel the same joy through their work. The company create a customer joy score which they align with an employee joy score to ensure both their customers and the team are equally happy.

Struggle to retain staff

Retention is a key HR issue in the retail industry. Retaining shop assistants is particularly challenging and annual attrition rates often exceed 100%. One of Konditor’s KPIs is based on retention of people who have been with the company for between one and two years. Last year Konditor made the decision to tackle employee engagement and wellbeing head on by investing in WeThrive to gain feedback from each employee across the business.

Time for change

Before WeThrive Konditor had used another piece of employee engagement software to check in on how employees were feeling. However, they found that running an annual survey wasn’t enough and needed a more regular temperature check to gain a clearer idea of how employees were feeling in that moment.

Paul Cons, CEO, explains:

“It wasn’t enough to hear from our people just once a year, we wanted a survey to align with our quarterly company meetings so we could constantly understand how people were feeling and why.”

Using WeThrive Konditor created quarterly surveys in order to tease out the challenges within specific groups of employees, for example Team Leaders who were in specific locations who had been with Konditor for a certain duration. Paul explains:

“We listened to their feedback but crucially we acted on it. Meaning engagement immediately improved amongst this group and, for the subsequent survey, they the highest scoring group across the business.”

The results

WeThrive allows Konditor to segment their data in a way that enables them to look at smaller groups of employees in specific business areas or shops. They have therefore been able to target problems specific to certain groups of employees rather than trying to address broad, company-wide challenges.

Since using WeThrive Konditor has seen a greater team understanding and cooperation, Paul explains:

“They all have the same mental picture of what they’re doing and are able to collaborate effectively, they feel they’re getting enough attention from their managers and there’s great team morale amongst colleagues.”

“What’s even better is that they’ve told us they feel much more competent in their job role and have all the tools necessary to do their job well, which is obviously critical for us as a business. Tailored responses and action plans to smaller groups create more effective, sustainable change.”

Since using WeThrive Konditor has seen a 12% increase in employee sense of meaning and sense of purpose: the ultimate employee motivator. All other scores across the 4C Model have also risen in the last year.

The future

Paul is now looking to implement individual questions for their next survey so they can really ensure they are giving their staff the best possible employee experience – watch this space!

“WeThrive has been great for taking the temperature of the organisation and now it’s an integral part of not only our employee engagement strategy, but also our overall business strategy. We have gained clear insight into the issues that affect the happiness of our teams and, where necessary, how we can improve things for them.”

Paul Cons
CEO, Konditor

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