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Will your performance review software see trouble coming?
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  • Too much of a good thing? Will your performance review software find it?

    Can you have too much of a good thing?  That’s the question being asked in the employee engagement group on LinkedIn just now.  It’s an intriguing question, because employee engagement…

    WeThrive prevents performance review mistakes
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  • How WeThrive prevents performance review mistakes – 3

    Number 3 in that Forbes list of performance review mistakes is the recency effect.  Last in, first out, in other words.  We humans tend to let the most recent event, especially if it’s a…

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  • How WeThrive prevents performance appraisal process mistakes

    Number 2 in Eric Jackson’s top ten list of performance appraisal process mistakes on Forbes is: everything’s perfect – until it’s not and you’re fired.  The unfortunate employee carries on doing…

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  • How WeThrive prevents performance review mistakes

    There’s a great post by Eric Jackson on Forbes about why performance reviews cause aggravation, suggesting “ten ways you can ensure your next performance with your reports will be a…

    Goal setting online makes performance improvement pains better
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  • Goal Setting online makes performance improvement plans better

    With WeThrive you can uncover the best development goals for your staff, without needing to hold meetings or do any kind of paperwork.   It’s an online service that diagnoses…

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  • WeThrive – make annual reviews better

    WeThrive makes it easy for managers and staff to agree on development goals that will make working life easier and more productive, helping you make annual reviews better for all…

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  • How do you motivate sales people and set the right targets?

    How do you motivate sales people?  Tradition holds that money is the way.  Forget all the research showing high-value rewards make people stupid, reduce productivity and encourage dishonesty – sales…

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  • What’s the problem with human psychology at work?

    Across the world, managers are sitting with their heads in their hands asking: Why?  What is it about human psychology at work that makes my life so difficult?  Why isn’t she…

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  • How To Motivate A Team

    How To Motivate A Team People put 100% effort into free-time activities, but how do you get that commitment in the workplace? The activities we love have a number of…

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  • Team leadership and employee engagement

    What is team leadership and how do leaders nurture employee engagement? For leadership to work, the leader has to be someone the others will follow. So how do you become…

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  • Negative feedback and Employee Engagement

    When is it right to give negative feedback, if you want to preserve employee engagement?  Here’s a humdinger of a problem – you want your people to learn from their…

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  • What is the current state of employee engagement

    I hate the way the word ‘around’ is used, even in official documents, when basic work has not been done. “We’re doing some work ‘around’ x at the moment” often…