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The Challenges of Performance Management: Unveiling the Long-Term Impact

Performance management is a critical aspect of organisational success, aiming to align individual and team goals with overall objectives while fostering growth, accountability, and employee development. However, many companies face…

The Secret to Employee Retention: How to Develop and Nurture Your Talent for Long-Term Success

Employee retention is a crucial aspect of any business. But retention is more than just keeping employees on the job; it is about creating an environment that fosters growth, development,…

Monday 5th June 2023 at 14:00 | BST

Dave Ulrich: Achieving optimal performance with OKRs & quality conversations

Professor and author Dave Ulrich will explore how you can guarantee better performance and create more business value with OKRs, positive accountability and quality conversations.

10 Key Principles of Effective Performance Management

Only 41% of employees are currently performing optimally, and just 29% of HR leaders feel confident that their organisation’s current processes are effective at helping employees achieve and sustain their…

Why Churn is High and What You Can Do to Fix It

Employee churn can be a major challenge for businesses, as high levels of staff turnover is hugely costly and disruptive to the workplace.

Wednesday 22nd March at 10AM | GMT

Lucy Adams: A Fresh Approach to Performance Management

In this webinar, Lucy Adams from Disruptive HR will explore why traditional approaches do not work and give examples of new ways of working that deliver much better outcomes for everyone.

How to Ace Performance Management: Your 7-Step Guide

Download the white paper to learn how to develop a game-changing performance management strategy.

5 ways to Improve Line Manager Performance

Line manager performance play a crucial role in the success of any organisation. From leading their teams, and managing performance, to driving results. However, it’s not easy to be an…

Maximising employee performance through effective performance management strategies

Does your performance management strategy deliver effective results? To maximise and improve employee performance your people need to have meaningful, efficient conversations with their managers. However, the majority of performance…

Performance Management Guide

During a time when organisations are facing economic challenges and having to re-prioritise their budgets, how can HR ensure they continue to get the most out of their people? High-quality…

HR Strategy Guide

We live in an increasingly confusing and chaotic world. Civil unrest, social change, political toxicity, and physical health have created even more challenging conditions for HR, managers and employees. While…