Employee Engagement – 1 in 3 Are Truly Engaged!

Piers Bishop · September 30, 2012

Did you know that social media use at work costs employers over 2.25 Billion dollars a year in lost productivity?  Or that employees who smoke are away from their workstations 50% more than non-smokers?  If you’re working on how to motivate a team this is the sort of information that could be kind of depressing, and you may have seen a new infographic on employee engagement that shows where your employees’ missing time is going.  Like so many good infographics it fits a lot of information neatly into a small space, and its headline conclusion – that just 1 in 3 employees is truly engaged – makes for chilling reading.  In fact some of your less-engaged staff could well be reading it right now, and wondering what else they can waste some time on before they go to lunch…

So what do you do about un-engaged staff?  Well, from one point of view it looks as though you don’t have to do anything, as 91% of your employees are thinking they might leave anyway.  But of course this means your really productive, motivated and engaged staff are thinking of going as well, so perhaps you do need to act.

Sleeping, playing games, browsing the social media – how do they ever fit in any work? But of course these are average figures, not all companies are like this.  So how could your company be one of the places where people feel proud to get on with what you need them to do, and get positive feelings out of doing their best work for you?

Any number of companies will sell you an engagement survey – but what happens next?  Do you choose a company that runs the survey but then leaves you to figure out what to do, or do pay a full-service consultancy to help you tackle the problems the surveys bring up?

We don’t fit into either of those categories – our profiling tool not only delves into what’s missing in all the possible areas where motivation could be going astray, we also equip you with the materials you need to understand why things are not right and build the skills to get employee engagement and motivation where it needs to be.  We will help you get a clear picture of the practical steps you can take to build a culture where people really connect with your company.

Then you’ll be on the way to recapturing the time that currently goes in sleep, games-playing and generally skulking around…